Gabe Reinlieb, Vice President of Tenasity, is driven by his love of dogs; Gabe made his grand entry into the training industry in 2010, logging-in well over 5,000 hours apprenticing for his trade.

Certified as a Safe Dog Evaluator for the ADBA, Gabe excels in basic obedience training, behavioral modifying, and helping our clients establish proper pack structure within their homes.  Gabe is also one of the few Canine Trainers in the Atlanta area that has a vast understanding of Felines, having a history of success acclimating dogs and cats within the same home.

Specializing in handling and working with shy dogs, Gabe has become one of Tenasity’s aces-in-the-hole when working along side of rescues such as Homeless Pets Foundation and several other non profit foundations. Gabe’s efforts have saved many dogs in shelter situations from being put down after he completed their training and found suitable homes for them.

His ability to teach proper handling skills to our clients coupled with his understanding of canines has been key to the important position Gabe plays here at Tenasity.  Gabe completely embodies the Tenasity experience.

Highlights of Gabe’s Career

  • Recognized as an official Lead Trainer through Tenasity for Homeless Pets Foundation since 2011
  • Trained and handled dogs for commercial movie sets 2012-2013
  • Part of Dr. Goods team of behaviorist since 2012
  • ADBA SDT I certified (American Dog Breeder Association Safe Dog Tester)
  • Over 5,000 hours shadowing some of the top trainers in the Southeast region for his apprenticeship
  • Helped developed Demonstration Dogs for other Dog Trainers in the Atlanta area
  • Kennel Master for working dog breeding program since 2012
  • Held behavior seminars for non profit organizations
  • Canine expert for radio interviews