Khalvin Kuczynski is the CEO and founder of Tenasity; Making his entry into the pet industry in 1998 at the age of 14, Khalvin dedicated himself to perfecting the art/skill of training domestic dogs and developing a team of trainers.  Over the course of his career Khalvin has served as a lead canine behaviorist for some of Atlanta’s premier Veterinarians. Khalvin has also served as head trainer on the set of commercials and his clientele consist of some of the community’s most prominent members.

Prior to becoming a Level II Safe Dog Evaluator for the American Dog Breeder Association (ADBA), Khalvin logged in thousands of hours studying canine behavior while helping volunteers at the Atlanta Humane Society and multiple rescue agencies such as Homeless Pets Foundation and Angels Among Us Rescue. Over the course of the years Khalvin has successfully modified severe behavioral problems for hundreds of dogs that would otherwise be euthanized, placing them in their `forever` homes.

Specializing in training a multitude of dog breeds, Khalvin has housed and successfully trained almost all of the common breeds of dogs. His philosophy of always starting training with positive reinforcement has been key to Tenasity’s success in blazing a path through the dog training industry. Khalvin’s style for practical solutions has helped his clients and rescue organizations handle a vast range of issues with their pets and adoptable dogs. As an adept behaviorist Khalvin is highly sought in the Atlanta area for his Behavior Modification Programs.

Highlights of Khalvin’s Career

  • As a youth studied under an AKC advanced obedience winner, who has placed SchIII titles on several dogs 1999-2002
  • Trainer for major pet retail corporations 2001-2004
  • Winner of Multiple sanctioned ADBA Confirmation shows in 2012
  • Lead canine Behavior Expert for Dr. Michael Good of Town and country Vets
  • Lead Canine Behaviorist for Homeless Pets Foundations
  • Guess speaker for HPF School clubs
  • Breeder of working class Grand Champion bred dogs
  • American Dog Breeder Association Safe Dog Tester 20013
  • Dog Behavior Expert for radio interviews 2012-current
  • Experience developing and training other Dog Trainers in the southeast region
  • Developed demonstration dogs for other Dog Trainers in the Atlanta area