Board And Training

Boarding Training is the “crème del la crème” of training. The level of professional work put onto your dog is something that will be difficult to compete with through in-home training. Boarding Training also works great for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. Our trainers have served clients that are on national TV, Clients who own multiple companies, well as clients that are just simply always on the go. Many of these clients opt for the boarding training option as it doesn’t require quite as much time on the owner’s end to still get the same great results.

During boarding training your dog will work with a professional trainer for 4-7 hours out of the day (depending on their ability to focus) We will cover any training/behavioral  goals you have. With boarding training you will still receive private training sessions. However with boarding training you will not have to teach your dog anything, as your dog will already know how to perform commands and how to navigate situations outlined in your training goals. All you have to do is learn how to handle your newly trained dog. This training option comes with a pick up and drop off if needed. Boarding training is the “Crem de la crem of training”.

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