Private Lessons

When you begin training your dog/puppy THE BEST OPTIONS are one on one private sessions or boarding training that is followed up by one on one private sessions. GROUP TRAINING IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO START.

With one on one training you and your dog are the only focus. The entire training session is customized to be exactly what you and your dog needs. Your dog deserves to be put first and there is no better way than having your own personal trainer.

Private lessons can be done in the comfort of your home, at our facility or via video chat. Sessions are an hour long, and each session is customized to be aimed at you training goals. The benefit of private sessions is your dog will have the opportunity to learn in a low distraction setting. Also rather then spitting an hour between you and several other people and their dogs, you and your dog will receive the help of a professional trainer that is solely focused on you and your situation. Its hard to beat the benifits of private training sessions.

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