Problem Solving

Our trainer’s problem-solving abilities will teach your dog how to become a problem solver themselves. An important aspect of pet ownership is teaching your four-legged family member proper manners and how to be a good member of society. It is your responsibility to help your dog achieve this goal. And we have your back. Obedience training is an important factor in this process. Knowing commands such as come when called or leave it could save your pet’s life. As with all relationships there are certain boundaries that must not be crossed. Keep in mind dogs might misbehave due to curiosity or boredom, and not so much because he/she knows what they are doing is unacceptable. Remember, with any unacceptable canine behavior, prevention is easier than addressing the issue once it has become a patterned behavior. With our Training program we can help you conquer any behavioral problem you may experience.

Over the last 21 years our trainers have helped countless clients with their pets behavioral issues. Whether it is a behavioral issue that simply does not suit your lifestyle such as roughhousing with your younger children, or a behavioral issue that is a liability such as attacking the neighbors. We are the “GO TO” company for any individual or organization looking to address a dogs behavioral issues.

Our approach to training with clients helps our clients develop dog savvy problems solving skills. While training with us you will learn about your dogs behaviors, what your dog is communicating when they do certain things. Together you and your dogs will become a team that easily navigates society together.

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