Rescue Resources


Over the course of the years our trainers have been highly sought to aid rescues in terms of training or evaluating dogs.  We have developed some resources to help both adopters or fosters set themselves up for success. We have Videos such as “The First 48” (preventative measures) that we offer to fosters or new adopters.  We have also developed handler seminars and other resources to help keep good dogs in good homes.

We offer Evaluations for dogs being pulled from the shelter. This can help rescues know what they are getting into before pulling a dog. It can also give you insight to what you may be able to expect out of the dog as far as behavior is concerned.  Our trainers will be able to tell you if the dog will need to be in a only dog home or if they would thrive in a multiple dog home.

If you are within our territory we also offer other resources. Such as pickups and drop offs. Our trainers specialize in dealing with both fearful and aggressive dogs. In the past we have been the “Go To” company when rescues find themselves having to handle a dog that is exhibiting behavioral problems.  Or maybe you just need some help getting the dog to and from the vets.

We love all dogs and would be more than happy to develop a program if it will help keep good dogs in good homes.

Be sure to let our phone staff know if your dog was rescued or if you represent a 501c3 rescue. We offer discounts in hopes of helping more dogs stay in their forever homes.

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