Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a canine disorder. It can lead to costly repairs of your home and property, any sleepless nights, or even the death of your pet due to inhaling a dangerous item. Together we can help your dog conquer this disorder and obtain a peace of mind.

You have to remember dogs are pack animals. Pack animals feel they should always be with their pack members. The only time they do not feel they need to be with their pack members is if they are too tired to keep up, they are sick, or they are pregnant.  It goes against the dogs being to let their leaders leave them. It is their job as good pack members to want to be around their pack leaders.

Our trainers use a multifaceted approach to addressing this issue helping bring your dog to a peaceful place mentally.  Through building positive association with any control tools utilized such as a crate, fence, or leash. Combined with breaking down the negative association of being left by pack members, devaluing the action of destroying property and addressing any excess exercise requirements we have a 100% success rate at addressing this behavioral issue.

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