CleanFreeFun Interviews Khalvin of Tenasity Dog Training

Article by: CleanFreeFun
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Prior to developing Tenasity, Khalvin Kuczynski worked at perfecting the art/skill of training a various array of domestic dogs. In pursuit of any obtainable knowledge for his training skill set, Khalvin was employed at multiple pet retail stores such as; Petsmart, Petland, and Georgia Pets, as well as volunteering at the Atlanta Humane Society dog trainer. Khalvin has also served as a breeding program kennel master, maintaining a line of Grand Champion Working/Conformation dogs through the use of selective line breeding. Descendants of the line he preserved are still highly sought after.

Specializing in training a multitude of dog breeds, Khalvin has housed and or successfully trained almost all of the common breeds of dogs. His philosophy of foundation building has been key to the success of his “New Pup Training Courses”. Khalvin’s style for practical solutions has helped his clients to handle a multitude of issues with their pets.

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