Marker Training

Marker Training

   Simply put Marker Training is a tool that allows you to “Positively identify good and bad behavior”. It is the purest form of communication between two different species (for instance human and canine) and it is used by many of the top animal trainers in the world. That being said, we definitely support Marker Training at Tenastiy Dog Training. In fact, I would go as far as to say, “Do not invest in any training that does not involve some form of marker training”. The most common form of Marker Training seen in the dog training industry in recent years is “Clicker Training”. Here at Tenasity we do not expect our clients to walk around with a clicker, and so we do not promote “Clicker Training” simply because we understand, that a clicker (although a useful tool for some) is a tool that is not necessary to positively identify good and or bad behavior. We teach each of our clients how to use a simple word to “Mark behaviors” rather than using a clicker. It takes a dog 30-60 repetitions to learn a behavior. Dogs must also “Generalize” learned behaviors to understand that they will continue to yield positive results in different environments and/or around different distractions. But with Marker Training you can often cut those reps in half because your marker becomes similar to a picture for your dog that communicates, “I like what you are doing at this very moment”. In the link below Ed Frawley with Leerburg Kennels explains Marker Training in detail. One of the things I really like about this article is that Ed takes the time to map out the communication system so you can see what the proper verbal response is depending on the response of the dog. For those just starting Marker Training make sure to pay close attention to the “Charging the Marker” section of the article. This is the process that helps your dog understand that the Marker is a positive thing. Once you and your dog grasp the concept it is quite a fun way for both of you to learn. It is simply amazing how quick most dogs learn through Marker Training.

“Marker Training is a tool that allows you to readily identify good and bad behavior.”

Khalvin Kuczynski


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